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The Woman Inside

Fans of A.J. Finn's The Woman in the Window and Gillian Finn's Gone Girl will delight in discovering E.G. Scott's The Woman Inside. It is a delectably devious and riveting entry in the genre of twisty mysteries with unreliable first-person narrators. The Woman Inside has a handful of narrators, all offering compelling but conflicting tales. From the outside, Paul and Rebecca have an ideal marriage and happy home in a wealthy area of Long Island, N.Y. But both are hiding secrets from each other. Rebecca, a wildly successful pharmaceutical sales rep, is addicted to opioids. And she's beginning to suspect that Paul (who has just lost his job) is having an affair. Is the other woman Rebecca's boss's wife or their unstable and unhappily married next-door neighbor? It's hard to keep secrets when both Rebecca and Paul are inveterate liars.

When someone ends up dead, the two have to join forces to bury the body. But when the grave is later discovered, it contains a different body. From there, the twists keep coming. Even mystery fans who pride themselves on figuring out twists in advance will find themselves on a virtual roller-coaster of sharp turns and surprise reveals that keep coming until the final chapter.

E.G. Scott is a pseudonym for two writers, Elizabeth Keenan and Greg Wands, who have individually written plays, screenplays and short stories. The duo's debut is an intricately plotted, multi-twist mystery with a refreshing deadpan sense of humor. --Kevin Howell, independent reviewer and marketing consultant